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Who we are


Bridge to Unity offers support to individuals and families arriving in the UK as refugees.

Being relocated from your home to another country is daunting. Through our events, projects in schools and a team of committed volunteers, we offer practical assistance and support to refugees entering the UK, encouraging integration and independence. 

We have delivered over £75,000 worth of medical equipment and purchased an ambulance to support aid workers in Ukraine.

Bridge to Unity is a charitable organisation co-founded by RAF Veteran Matt Simmons and NHS Doctor Alex Kenchington. 

Since it’s formation, Bridge to Unity has gone on to form partnerships with local NHS services, local councils and charities throughout the UK, and through its growing team of staff and volunteers, has established itself as an organisation at the centre of refugee support and resettlement throughout the South of England. 

The team met in 2021 when Matt founded a community organisation called Ems4Afghans following the emergency evacuation of Kabul, with the aim to helping and supporting those that supported British Forces in Afghanistan. 

They both shared a passion to help individuals and families with refugee status and quickly realised there was a need for greater support to help individuals with international refugee status resettle successfully. 

Through conversations with those affected by international crises they established what was needed to ensure individuals integrated into communities and from this the 3 pillars of Community, Education and Employment were formed. Bridge to Unity now supports individuals arriving in the UK through a number of resettlement pathways, including those from Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria.

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As well as work in the local community, the Bridge to Unity team is committed to reacting quickly to international humanitarian crises.


To date, we have delivered over £75,000 worth of medical equipment to Ukraine, as well as an ambulance that is being used for medical evacuations on an almost daily basis.


All of this was possible because of the donations and incredible support from the local community. 

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