Bridge to Unity is made up of Matt, Alex, Mell, and Becky - four like-minded individuals who met and bonded over their joint vision of an organisation that builds relationships and brings communities together.

Bridge to Unity was born from the success of Ems4Afghans, a community group set up by RAF Veteran Matt Simmons in response to the 2021 refugee crisis in Afghanistan.


Ems4Afghans was used as a means of collecting donations of clothes and essential items from the local community and distributing them to those arriving in the UK on emergency evacuation flights.

Things rapidly grew for Ems4Afghans with Alex, Mell, and Becky joining the team and quickly they started to work alongside other agencies to provide aid to refugees arriving in the UK and saw an incredible amount of support from the local community and beyond.

Bridge to Unity is built on the same passion, enthusiasm, and commitment and seeks to form longstanding relationships in the local community.

As well as this, the team is committed to reacting quickly to international humanitarian crises, something they have had great success with due to the connections they have built.

The team do not limit themselves on who they are able to help but instead position themselves within the community to offer support and assistance in any way they can to anyone who needs it.

As an organisation Bridge to Unity offers support to those in need including but not limited to; individuals and families being relocated to the UK as part of the ongoing refugee crisis, those affected by issues of homelessness, and families and individuals struggling whether that be financially or otherwise. As well as offering assistance and support, they are committed to bringing people together in the local community through their projects and events.