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Soup Kitchen

Refugees often face social isolation, a major challenge that affects their mental and physical health, leading to feelings of abandonment.


However, those with refugee status who engage in community groups and volunteering can overcome barriers, fostering new friendships, boosting confidence, and enhancing language and cultural knowledge.

Team Hugging
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The idea behind CommUNITY Kitchen is to create a hub where people from different backgrounds can come together to cook and share meals that reflect their cultures.


This initiative aims to promote inclusion, celebrate diversity, and provide a space for individuals to develop skills, gain experiences, and build supportive relationships.

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They arrived as strangers but
left as

The first CommUNITY Kitchen was hosted at the Pallant Centre in Havant on the 15th of December. The theme of the inaugural event was food from Afghanistan and was prepared by a group of women, all of which had arrived in the UK, as refugees, during the emergency evacuation of Kabul in 2021.

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