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Our projects are all about community. 
Use the icons below to learn more about some of the work we have been doing in UK communities. 
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We can provide support with:
Application forms
Registering for services
Getting to appointments
Meeting new people
Getting to know your local area

School Application

Our Community Associates are matched with individual refugees and families to provide monthly support visits and act as a point of contact within the community.

We recognise that resettling in a new and unfamiliar country can be daunting and we aim to support individuals and their families so they not only feel welcomed but also feel supported to establish their new lives. 

Through our Community Associate Befriending Programme, we have a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers who enable us to provide support to individuals and families who may feel isolated and alone.


As well as this, our strong connections to organisations throughout the local community and the UK mean that even if we cannot directly support individuals with something, we can signpost to people who can. 


Since our formation we have flown the flag for making connections, networking and bringing people together for the greater good. Our proactive ‘can do’ attitude has led to us being at the forefront of the resettlement support services in our community. 

We have played a pivotal role in the resettlement of those evacuated from Afghanistan in 2021 and head up a coalition of UK charities, supported by the cabinet office, to ensure maximum support for individuals and families as they leave hotels and move into their new homes.

We work closely with families in the community, many of whom are refugees that have been placed in housing following incredibly traumatic and stressful circumstances. These individuals can often feel isolated and unfortunately often lack support. It is our experiences of families in these stressful and daunting circumstances that led to us establishing our Community Associates befriending programme. 


Our team of Community Associates are matched with individual refugees and families to act as a point of contact who will visit them each month to offer support and answer any questions they may have about living in the local area and even help with small errands.

Some of our individuals and families do not require regular face-to-face contact but may benefit from a weekly 'check-in' phone call from one of our volunteers. This gives them an opportunity to express any concerns and provides them with the chance to develop a relationship with the local community.

If you know of an individual or family who would benefit from our services, or if you yourself would like to know more, please email: 

If you would like to know more about volunteering with us please visit our page dedicated to our volunteer opportunities by clicking here.

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