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Supporting refugees 
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Thousands of people are forced to cross international borders every year to escape war, violence, persecution, or natural disasters. They often have to leave everything behind including possessions, jobs and even loved ones. 

Bridge to Unity offers support and practical assistance to those undertaking the difficult journey towards independence and integration in the UK.

Our Three Pillars

Bridge to Unity offers support to families in the local community who have come to the UK as refugees seeking sanctuary and safety.


Through our team of committed volunteers and our befriending service, we offer holistic support to promote mental and physical wellbeing.


Whether it is meeting for a regular cup of tea, or attending community groups or going for a walk, our focus is to help individuals seeking refuge settle within the community and ensure they are welcomed with open arms. 

Through our partnerships with local NHS services, we act as a first point of contact for healthcare professionals throughout Hampshire who have non-clinical concerns about patients with refugee status, both in the community and on discharge from hospital.


Our team will ensure that no one feels alone and that everyone feels supported and valued, especially when at their most vulnerable. 

Our education packs are being used at primary and secondary schools across Hampshire to help educate children about the global issues surrounding those seeking asylum and refuge.


We regularly attend schools and deliver presentations to help raise awareness of global issues and the circumstances in which individuals arrive in the UK as refugees.

Through our events and support groups, we offer opportunities for individuals to find employment, access education and meet others to expand their support network.

We also know that employment promotes financial independence, confidence and integration, all of which are vital to an individual’s well-being.

We know that employment promotes financial independence, confidence and integration, all of which are vital to an individual’s well-being.Through our recruitment specialists we offer workshops in CV writing, interview skills and how to find work, as well as mentoring as individuals enter employment. 

Bridge to Unity has done more as a small charity organisation than most of the well known organisations who have failed due to bureaucracy and red tape.


Caseworker, Camden Council



Community Development Coordinator
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You can help

There are many ways you can help communities through Bridge To Unity. Whether you want to volunteer or donate towards a current project, you will help build a bridge for those needing to start a new life in the UK.

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