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School Presentations & Visits

Throughout the last two years, local schools have seen an influx of children arriving from Ukraine, Afghanistan and beyond. We also know from discussions with teachers that children are curious and want to learn more about their peers, where they have come from and what they have been through. 

We believe it is crucial to encourage this desire to learn and be educated. We also believe a key factor of integration and acceptance is educating and teaching children about important world issues; this is where our team of dedicated volunteers comes in. 

We have produced a presentation that offers an introduction to refugees and asylum seekers, ranging from definitions and meanings to the reasons why individuals need to leave their homes and the issues they face in doing so. Through our interactive discussions and activities, we facilitate an open forum for discussion that encourages understanding, inclusion and acceptance, with the aim of creating a welcoming school environment. 


The presentation can be delivered in 45 minutes. It can either be delivered by one of our team, or it can be downloaded from our website so your teachers themselves can incorporate this into their lesson plans. We offer this service free of charge, all that is required from you is a space within which we can work. 


The feedback we have received on this project has been fantastic and we look forward to working with more schools soon. 

In-person is always better

Download our new Education Packs for free! 

Afghanistan Education Pack and Teacher’s Resource

Ukraine Education Pack and Teacher’s Resource

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