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Bridge to Unity delivers ambulance donation to NGO medics, ZSR, in Poland.

We are delighted to confirm that our brothers and sisters at the Polish NGO, Zintegrowana Służba Ratownicza (ZSR), have received and are beginning to use their new ambulance – purchased through the our 'Just Giving' fund.

Members of our team were picked up by ZSR in Gdansk and travelled to Braniewo to make the final transaction on the Ambulance. To our surprise, we were invited in along with ZSR for a coffee and lunch with the Mayor and his colleagues.

Above: Members of the ZSR team apply a special decal to celebrate the partnership/donation.

"Thanks to cooperation with the English organization Bridge to Unity, we were able to obtain an Ambulance, which, along with the equipment, is worth nearly 200 000 PLN. Representatives of the Integrated Rescue Service received the keys today from an ambulance that was purchased by an English organization."

Łukasz Patrzyk, Integrated Rescue Services.

From almost the very start of the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, Zintegrowana Służba Ratownicza has been helping war refugees every day, free of charge, by securing border crossings and refugee reception points. Their selfless help deserves not only words of appreciation but also material support.

We want to thank each and every person who has helped, donated, shared, and raised awareness for our cause. It's the generosity and compassion of those you volunteer that make this stuff happen! As always….we go again. There is work to do.

"Six months ago I was sat at home wanting to do something for those that were evacuated from Afghanistan (which is ongoing), and what and who we’ve been involved with and still involved with I can’t quite get my head around. We wanted to build relationships and bring communities together and it’s grown to an unimaginable scale from those months ago."

Matt Simmons, Operations Director, Bridge to Unity

Please donate if you can and share our posts. We would like to continue helping ZSR with their medical hub and those in Ukraine.

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