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PLEASE HELP! Zhytomyr Maternity Hospital Emergency.

Like many, I’ve had my dose of traumatic birth stories, however, every single time I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by teams of incredible healthcare professionals and the comfort of knowing myself and my babies are being treated in the best place possible.

I guess that’s what hit me so hard when I heard about the airstrike at the maternity hospital in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

The heartbreaking fact that of hundreds of women at the most vulnerable time of their lives are having to give birth in basements whilst missiles fly overhead and children are having to be treated in bunkers whilst the threat of further airstrikes continues, is to me, one of the greatest atrocities of this senseless war.

When we were put in contact with an NGO in Ukraine working round the clock to treat these women and children, whilst simultaneously trying against all odds to rebuild the maternity hospital, we knew we had to do something to help. Just as before we decided we would do all we could to raise the funds to enable us to directly help the medics on the frontline of this senseless act of violence. The team working at the maternity hospital have given us a list of kit they desperately need and we are going to do everything in our power to support them.

The hospital is 82 miles from Bucha, the centre of a massacre that has flooded our news channels today and the very medical teams helping with operations at the maternity hospital have been assisting with the clear up of the war crimes inflicted by Russia. The need is greater than ever to offer Ukraine support.

We all understand the financial pressures of life and we all appreciate everything our supporters have done so far. Without you, all none of this would have been possible. But if anyone feels they can donate anything, no matter how small it may seem, we can promise you it’ll save lives.

To ensure we know that your donations are going to the right place, a small team of individuals will be driving this kit into Ukraine. We have the authorisation to cross the border and deliver directly to where it is needed.

Every day more and more women are being forced to give birth in basements, with newborn babies receiving emergency treatment in bunkers, or sadly left unable to be treated at all due to the lack of medical kit and infrastructure to do so.

Please help us to help them and share this post if you are able.

Alex x x

For security reasons, we have to be careful what we share of the team working in Ukraine but we are able to share these photos with you.

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